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This is probably one of the most controversial programs you will see online since The Secret. No question about that. Some people would do almost anything to have this program taken down. Read on and you'll see why!

I have never felt so excited about a program in my life.

I know what it is to be broke because I have been broke.

I know what it is to work 70-80 hours a week because I did it for 7 years.

I had illness and faced what appeared to be death and made a full recovery.

But now I have abundance, now I have freedom and now I have my health again.

I can guide you the same way I have managed to guide myself to the success but rather than take you 7 yrs which took me I will help you do it in 30 days . I want to make this promise to you right now Or I will give you your money back.

What you are about to discover has not only transformed my own life but the lives of thousands of people all over the World.It’ll make you happier. Make you healthier. Make you richer. I want to share it with you.

Let me start with a story, a real-life story.

s the old man lay dying in an unfamiliar hospital bed reflecting on his 81 years of life his son sat closely at his bedsit in anticipation of hearing some final words of
wisdom that he could maybe take away in his own life and apply.

After all, 81 years is a lot of life experience.

The father said to his son: “Son come closer to me so I can speak to you, I want to share my secret”

The son got so close he could feel the heat of his father’s hot skin and his soft gentle breath upon his face.

“Yes father” said the son.

“Son, I have to tell you… life is hard, life will always be hard and if you really want anything out of your life, you are going to have to put in every last ounce of effort you can muster”

The son listened closely and absorbed his father’s words of wisdom to him.

With that the tight grip of the fathers hand loosened, as the son looked up at his father’s face, only to see the last breath of life leave him forever.

As the son walked away saddened by the death of his father he recalled time and time again those final words…

Life is hard and to achieve anything takes every last ounce of effort!

The son who eventually became an old man taught this very same Secret to his children all of his life. His children also went on to pass on the same ideas, the same concepts, the same principles to their children’s and their children’s children.

And you know what? Sadly this is a concept that has been taught all over the Globe since the beginning of mankind

The result of this is what?

It’s an ongoing FEAR that becomes engrained into all of mankind. This is the fear of “what if I can’t do it” and no wonder after millenniums of false teachings.

Even the secret tried to solve this problem. For some it did. For most it didn’t.

For example:

FEARS:Have you thought about doing a business but held back because you fear failure and risk?

FEARS: Have you thought about maybe
asking for a date with a man or woman you really like but can’t because of fear of rejection?

FEARS: Have you thought about looking at homes way outside your league but homes you really want and still hold back because of what others might think?
FEARS: Do you hold back from doing things your way because you know how your family or friends will react and that makes you uncomfortable?

I can show you how to eliminate those fears forever using ZERO EFFORT! Again this is NOT the secret regurgitated… this is new and very powerful as proven.

I am here to tell you this today. I am also here to share with you that this could possibly be the single most important letter you could ever read in your life. This is NO exaggeration!


How About I Show You a Scientifically Proven Breakthrough That Allows You To Achieve Everything and More?

When I say everything I even mean everything you may have failed at in the past. Everything you are frightened of doing now. Everything that would make your life happier and more fulfilled. I want to show you this and more in 30 days or less.

And if you tried the secret and it didn’t do what you expected…

And when I say scientific I mean scientific. Yes it has been tested, tried and as you read through this page I’ll share with you some very, very powerful results.

Like this one ..


Case Study No 72 - This is unbelievable ! I never thought I could attract enough wealth in such a short period..

"Yes it has been three months since I heard from you and the wonderful messages you have been sending me. When my family and I were going through major financial problems with the business we were completely stressed, and no amount of reading some of the best self help books around got us any where but in deeper troubles. It was then that I received an email from you. I'm not sure how that came about but I believe the Good Lord up above send you as an angel to guide our disrupted lives and teach us to remain calm in this chaotic world.

William and I put into action all the wonderful stuff you sent us and day by day our lives turned around, one tiny step at a time. I joined your 30 day challenge 8 days ago and not only read the reports you send us but actually put them into practice.

Tomorrow is 7 days since we downloaded the Zero Effort. On Day one, when  we were not sure how we are going to survive the business a customer called up to tell us that he had a big shipment going to the UK. Just enough to pay our bills. On the third day along came another unplanned customer to send his packages to Alberta where he is moving

You have simplified the whole Law of Attraction process and made it easier for people to not only understand but to learn and above all gain from it.

- With love,
- Judaline & William CA, USA

That is just the start of the proof I am going to share with you.

Before I do that let me share a little of who I am and the ancient secret I have discovered that has literally transformed my own life!..

My name is Sri Vishwanath although I am more commonly known as Vish Writer.

Today I have a dream life. I have a beautiful son, a wonderful loving wife and just about everything I need in life to make me happy. I am satisfied and fulfilled.

My life began in Mumbai. Despite being surrounded by poverty I was one of the lucky ones. My parents were devoted Hindus, devoted family people and devoted to giving their children the best possible start in life.

As part of that start my family gifted me a wonderful education so I could achieve and gain more in my life. To some extent it worked.

By the age of 25 I found myself based in the USA ,travelling the World whilst working as a highly paid consultant for the likes of … Price-Waterhouse, Ernst & Young, and Deloitte-Touché. Here I was a guy from Mumbai advising major corporations like GE, Proctor & Gamble, and Coca-Cola.

I can share with you; it gave me everything I could have wanted materially but as time went on I began to feel more and more less fulfilled and certainly the excitement of it all had began to wear very, very thin.

April 1999 Things Changed Forever!

While working in the USA I was suddenly taken gravely ill. I was only 27 years old. One minute I was working away, as hard as expected of course by the corporations when I was rushed to hospital with a condition known as hyper-stress. All of a sudden I went from being a high flyer to literally fighting for my life.

I couldn’t move. I couldn’t eat. It would take hours for me to drink just a small glass of water. As you can imagine, I was a total mess. Honestly I saw this coming. I had been working ridiculous hours every week, under intense pressure almost daily and eating my food on the go in cabs, in tubes or wherever I could grab a bite on the way to my next appointment.

This lifestyle (we are taught to chase) nearly killed me!

I decided to return home to Mumbai to recuperate.

I felt terrible against my parents but can you imagine how they felt. They had given me the best possible start in life only to see me almost struck down in my youth due to stress and pressure from the job that was paying me handsomely.

For 12 long grueling months I spent time in hospital, in Dr. waiting rooms and seeing specialists. I would continually leave them all scratching their heads wondering what on earth was wrong with me.

Then Came A Miracle.

My son was born. I was actually in hospital when my son was born. I couldn’t believe it. My son, my flesh and blood, my own creation. It was this first brush with new life or life from the source that was to change the way I thought about life forever!

My Quest For Lasting Answers in Life Began. This Resulted In a Discovery of Life Enhancing 13 Secrets That Would Become Critical To The New Life I Was To Now Create.

My quest for a REAL began. This led me to asking, asking, asking questions daily. I would ask religious gurus, read religious literature, venture deep into new age spiritual teachings and meet and talk to the lesser well known experts as often as I could. In fact – almost daily!

Was there a God?
Was there a super natural force at work?
Does the Universe contain the answers of life and happiness?
Can any of this be real?
Can it help me?

And then of course we had a torrent of NEW literature like the secret, the new law of attraction and so much more.

This personal voyage of discovery led me to some of the biggest breakthroughs I have had in my life. I want you to remember from now that these are discoveries. They are not a list of things I think, they are a list of truly ancient secrets mixed with modern day discoveries. They really do work! I’d like to share them with you.

Although I have carefully logged 13 perfectly powerful secrets I’d like to share one or two with you right now.

SILENCE: silence can increase and improve the magnitude and power of your mind by literally thousands of a percent. No notice, no thinking, no reading, no anything, just pure 100% silence.

And then of course there is truly understanding what silence is? You may think you know but in my experience… you like most probably won’t know the true secret of silken and the power it can have on your life. Would you like to know? Ok how about this one.

P-SPOT: I can tell you there is an area, a small tiny spot in your home or the place you live right now call the P-SPOT. Locating and discovering this spot is probably one of the most powerful actions you can take today. Why? Well when I found mine the changes in my own life became almost instant. The same will happen for you. This area is your own tiny yet giant vortex of energy that flows through you forever. Can I show you how to discover where it is? Ok how about this then …

UNINTELLIGENT MIND: it’s true, we are taught to believe that the mind is the seat of all intelligence. Now I know otherwise and frankly when you find out the truth for yourself it will give you clarity, focus and more direction in minutes. This is one discovery that has literally changed the way I think and feel about lots of things.

And how about this one then …

FARFETCHED THINKING: yes we are told to dream, we are told to visualize and more. Do you realize that a lot of this far-fetched thinking cannot just enhance but can also damage your life forever? When I did this exercise myself it revealed flaws in my thinking in minutes. Accepting and releasing these flaws has given me a much more successful and fulfilled life. Would you like that?

So I have created a small book. This small book is packed to the hilt with diamonds and pearls of wisdom that will have an instant impact on your life. If it doesn’t, I promise to refund you 100%

There are 13 Action Packed Chapters or 139 pages of Pure Transformational Gold that will help you Transform Your Life Fast!.

My book is called ZERO EFFORT. I spent over 3 years detailing and putting in, taking out and adding more so it would benefit you with maximum results in your life. I know you’ll love it.

Secret 1. starts with a revelation thought reduction.
Secret 5 goes into trust and what trust really means for you.
Secret 8 talks about you and your current junction. Go left, go right… it will have a huge impact either way.
Secret 9 is the chapter about far-fetched thinking and shows you how to improve your thinking very quickly.
Secret 13 ends by talking about the success illusion and how you can free yourself from the lifelong damage of such an illusion.

And of course the book is packed about lots and lots of spiritual matters. I talk about the Law of Attraction, the Secret and lots and lots of other stuff also.

Plus I want to just add …You don’t have to go through this alone. I am there for you. I’ve included my phone number,contact information and skype address for you. Any point when the days feels tuf when things are getting hard when u feel like giving up I will be there on skype for you to guide you as a mentor to show you the blueprint to take you by the hand and hold you carefully gently and lovingly as I guide you to the success you need really want in your life.

So I’d like to share with you some feedback from just a handful of people that have read and applied ZERO EFFORT?

Ok check these out.

Case Study No 1 – Top Eye Surgeon who had earlier
rubbished all talk of the life force gets his first jaw dropping experience on Day 9 of the Program and goes on to manifest a high 7 figure check, sparkling health and a connection to his higher self which is driving him nuts.. This is the email he sent on Day 9 of the program


Day 9 includes an interesting event that I would like to write about.

My wife has had some stomach problems the last few days, which I attributed to viral illness. When her pain became quite intense around midnight, I offered to take her to the hospital but she refused. So I decided to try some Reiki, which I've practiced for some time but never used to treat an acute medical problem.

My first attempt produced no change. I decided then to really settle into the moment, and surrender to the silence – that ‘pause between thoughts’ you teach us how to find. It took a few moments, but I began to feel the energy extending out from my hands and flowing into my wife. Instantly she began to feel relief.

Within moments, her cramping and pain were completely gone, where a minute earlier she had been shaking in pain. Then, without knowing why, I imagined an energy shield around her, like a cocoon to protect her from any more pain. It worked – she was able to sleep comfortably the rest of the night. 

That drastic transformation in her really hit home to me … and there’s no doubt in my mind that what I have learned from you over the last nine days is what gave me the tools to accomplish this.  Thank you for this from the bottom of my heart.”

Richard Maeur, USA


Case Study No 2: $12931.00 in 6 weeks

"Here is what I've achieved since starting your Zero Effort Program:

I was one of two nominated for the Women's Leadership Forum - $100

I received an award from work - $200

I received an award from work - $200

Student loan people are sending some money back to me (they owe me but I never expected they'd pay) - $1100

I was on an Internet Business call last week with Rich Schrefren and Shawn Casey and they gave a start up business kit for $6000 and I won it.

Student loan people took away my high payments of $550 which is a savings for me of $4400 this year.

I canceled the deductions from my check for the employee stock purchase so I could use the money for my business ... and they returned $1,131.00 deposited into my account because you have to buy 6 months worth of stock. Nice unexpected present.

That 's a total of $12,931.00 in 6 weeks directly and indirectly. Thanks for every thing. Zero Effort is awesome!"

- Vivian. B Texas,Colorado, USA



Case Study No 3 No Success For 10 Long Years ... Finally Achieved The Impossible....

I bought the ZeroEffort back in March and let me tell you it has worked great for me. Thank you for that. I bought it because I had been studying and reading about law of attractions for a couple of years and the idea made sense to me but I couldn’t stop the negative thoughts. That’s exactly what you said in your description of ZeroEffort.

I followed your instructions and started going to my power spot and writing about silence and positive thought. Then after 7 days I picked one goal which was to lose weight and wrote it down as you instructed. First let me tell you I have always exercised and ate healthy food but my portions were too big. Food and Hunger had always overwhelmed me as I had no control over it. So Over the years I was about 25 lbs over my ideal weight and I didn’t like it.

Anyway after a few days of writing the exercises I started thinking and feeling different about food and hunger. I felt in control. I wasn’t overwhelmed. As a result I ate less without much effort and it felt good. In couple of months I lost about 8lbs which is huge for me as I haven’t had any success in over 10 years to lose weight. Besides losing weight the negative thoughts are gone. I feel good almost all the time. It’s wonderful. I’m in awe.

Peace be with You
Zahra Peterson , CA

Case Study No 4- Strange & Dramatic Re-Union With The Love Of His Life.


Dear Vish,I have had my first break through thanks to your teachings, I am reunited with the love of my life, I’m soaring high. Mate 6 months ago I met the woman of my dreams and felt true love, then everything turned up side down, she broke it off. I was shocked and couldn't get a reson to why this happened.

Well last week I got a messege out of the blue,"I MISS YOU". So I rang here, and i found out that she still loves me. She broke it off because her mother is seriously ill with heart problems. Any way what matters its she back in my life, and without your Zero effort program and my desire it probably wouldn't have happened. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to you and the happiness bestowed upon me. We plan to marry in the near future. I now have my balinese goddess and i will always treat her as such. Thank you Vish with all heart .

Love & Gratitude
Jody Jony Walker , Australia


Case Study No 5 - His main problem was procrastination. 11 Days into the program and he could not stop blushing. He had already spent a fortune on many programs before he joined the Zero Effort  - The 30 Day Challenge Program.

This is the email he wrote on the 1st day when he joined the program


Hi Vish

No just kidding. My main problem is procrastination, and scattered energy. I am very creative, and perfect in helping finding solutions for others... but for myself I am not able to find out what I really want to do, or do want.

This is the email he wrote on the 11th day.

Hi ,

FANTASTIC Vish !.  Just read your report. Wow !, Finally I start to understand on a deeper level, see a brighter picture of what had happened with me , what is happening right now , and what should happen...;-) This is great stuff. Keep up the good work... On a side note I just finished three reports which I had been holding close to my chest for 3 months. I am really excited and look forward to the program with great anticipation..

Paul.R Belgium


Case Study No 6 - 45 yr old woman takes the most important decision of her life in the first weekend of the program.


Dear Vish,

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your great program for transformation of consciousness. .I have had a breathtaking weekend reading and following all    the amazing information which has been more than food for my mind. I'm truly grateful for this . I felt that I had to get in touch to let you know how overwhelmed I'm. Yesterday I gathered sufficient courage to take one of the most important decisions of my life which I had been delaying for 7 long years... Thank you, thank you and thank you .

Your's truly,
Jill Netherlands



Case Study No 7 She Can Now Fly With Zero Effort

"With the use of meditation and your Zero Effort Program, my mind is now calm and I depend more on my heart sense than mind. My ‘last great fear’ is flying - and in two weeks I will be flying to California. I am still in shock at the transformation in my life! Thank you for this marvelous gift.”

Woody Allen, Australia

Case Study No 8:  Zero Effort Program Works by Helping Barren Couple Finally Give Birth to Their First Child…

"One of the things I put on my list when I went to my Power Spot each day was for my wife to have a baby. Only 17 days into your program, we learned she was pregnant – after two years of trying! Your teaching is amazing, Vish – there is definitely something great going on here. My wife and I thank you so very, very much for your help.”

- Maker Majuec,Texas,USA


Impressive right?

Let me say this …

The 13 NEW Secrets Revealed in ZERO EFFORT Will Challenge Everything You Once Considered Possible

Here is another quick look at just a few of the things you’ll discover in the “Zero Effort Program”:

SIMPLIFY YOUR THOUGHTS: . Achieve ‘Life Purpose’ Clarity in 2 Hours or Less (go from confusion and indecision in hours…then watch your life transform)
POWER OF YOUR THINKING: Gain The Ability To Manifest Huge Amounts of Cash in Hours or Less (you’ll be amazed how you can generate any amount of cash you like in 7 days or less and that’s a promise!
YOU CAN BE HAPPYImprove All or Any Relationships Dramatically by Making ‘Baggage’ Vanish Overnight! (then watch new relationships blossom and grow like never before
POWERFUL POSITIVE THOUGHTS: Tap Into Your Higher Source and Gain More Purpose Now! (you will understand this in minutes, then watch as your life becomes exactly what you have always dreamt about fast
LAW of ATTRACTION and YOU: Discover Your Own True Source of Lasting Happiness Overnight.(I promise by the end of this course you will feel happier and more content in your life!
EASY to UNDERSTAND: How to Become an Attraction Magnet for Health, Wealth and Relationships. (the Law of Attraction fully explained in very simple terms)

And the list goes on and on and on ...

I want to send you my book right now. In fact seconds after ordering it you can be reading it on you computer, iPod or Amazon kindle eBook reader.

And of course I already know the huge transformational value of a book like this but what I would like to do is give you some extra guidance an NO-EXTRA investment.


Big Bonus No 1

Life-Time Access to the Exclusive “Zero Effort ” Members-Only Site ( FREE USD $3500 )

Last July we held our first Zero Effort Workshop where each participant paid $4997 to attend this live event. I have put together all the video presentations and content inside the membership site. You get access to the entire content absolutely free. It cannot get better this right… Remember participants paid upwards of $4997 to attend this event..

Inside this private membership site you will find special reports, videos, inspirational images, audios, golden nuggets of wisdom, and so much more … all supporting and building on the concepts, principles, and strategies you’ll discover in Zero Effort. And we keep on adding to it.

Yes, incredibly this members-only website that others pay $97 a month to get into is your FREE GIFT for Life when you reserve your copy of ‘Zero Effort’ … today!

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Big Bonus No 2

Immediate Download Access To Six Bestselling Videos( FREE ) USD $249

We’ve recently produced videos of the entire Zero Effort Program … and you get access to every one of them, when you register right away. (This 6-CD set sells for $249 … but you get to download them for FREE!) Yes absolutely free. Watch it as many times as you wish! From your computer. With a value of $397, these exciting transformational videos will keep you inspired for ages.

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Big Bonus No 3

Private One-on-One Support Access ( FREE ) USD $629

You don’t have to go through this alone. I am there for you. I’ve included my phone number and contact information in the product. Any point when the days feels tuf when things are getting hard when u feel like giving up I will be there for you to guide you as a mentor to show you the blueprint to take you by the hand and hold you carefully gently and lovingly as I guide you to the success you need really want in your life.

That’s right - You’ll get unlimited Direct VIP access to me for 30 days so you can ask me anything at all about the program or your progress.Others have to get on a waiting list and pay up to $450 for an hour of my time ... but you'll move to the front of the line, and get FREE access to me, as a member of this program!

Yes, for an entire month, you can contact me via my private e-mail account and enjoy a rapid response within 24-48 hrs. – tops! (There’s no limit on how much you can contact me …and I really do promise to reply within 24 to 48 hrs.)

I’ve reserved a good chunk of my time for answering your emails. We’ll make sure you achieve at least one of your dreams within the next 30 days. And it’s no problem if your schedule is tight – we can do it based on your convenience. YOU decide when your 30-day period begins!

This Offer Must End July 7th 2013



" I totally appreciate your personal touch and response to my e-mails, Vish. None of the other self-help gurus bother to send replies to subscribers’ questions … and if they do, it's just a one-line rebuff. So thank you once again for showing sincere interest in the progress of those who undertake your program.”

- Iveren Ityoikaa,South Africa

What Are You Waiting For… Here’s The Secret To a Happier Life You’ve Been Waiting For!

There are a few things you can do right now

1) You can lead your life exactly as it is always been.

Get up tomorrow morning go to work do the same old stuff get paid once a month Have the single holiday a year and Drive the same old car that you are driving and just hope to goodness that one day your life will change.

Or the second thing is you can keep buying these programs buy the programs like the secret and all these other transformation products u can keep buying them and buy another and then buy another and then buy another.

But ask yourself seriously “Has your life changed?”

Tell me is the answer Is it Yes or no

2) You can try for the next thirty days my Zero Effort program that has guaranteed absolutely guaranteed to transformed lives… your life!

How do I know that it has transformed lives? Because there is proof on this page from real people just like you who have achieved significant breakthroughs in a short time. Do not be left out? Jump in to gain complete control over your life. You deserve the best . Grab your place right now..

Are you finally ready to try something that is proven scientifically to deliver the power of the universe using the law of attraction and that is guaranteed to show small ,medium huge or even gigantic transformations in your life?

These are the all inspiring secrets which most people seem to miss on. I’ll expose them fully 100% everything no holds barred, I promise this is easy as 1, 2, 3 and I will guide you until you get it right. The risk is mine … not yours for this tiny investment which by the way is money-back-guaranteed if you do not see transformations in your life in less than 30 days or less!

The Decision You Take Could Transform Your Life Forever… If That’s What You Want?

OK your life and my life, we are both clearly different people. Yet one thing remains the same… we both want what is best for us. Do you agree? So if I could show you a series of very simple steps that could change your life TODAY. Would that help you?

If I met you in the street and offered you 13 scientifically proven breakthrough life secrets guaranteed and without a doubt proven to work, to enhance your life, to hone and fine tune your thinking, to give you results for almost all areas of your life you previously only dreamed about do you think you would say YES PLEASE or no thanks?

If I then proved to you that these very secrets had already transformed the lives of many, many others over the years would that make a difference?

And if I told you that if you order my book, download it and then decide that it wasn’t what you expected I would give you your money back right away do you think that would help you decide?

Finally if I told you this… what you find written on the pages of ZERO EFFORT has literally saved my life and the lives of others how would you feel? Do you think you could feel the power coming from the pages?

I am promising you all of this and a whole lot more.

All you have to do is click on the order button below right now.

About 2- 30 seconds after the order you can download and start to make massive changes in your life with ZERO EFFORT.


Remember the old man at the start of this page.

He told his son on his deathbed that life was all hard work, all slog, all effort. The son accepted that and told the same to his children.

It wasn’t true.

When you know how, when you see how, when you are in tune with yourself almost every choice you make from now on in with be with ZERO EFFORT!

Here’s to your greater life.

(Sri Vishwanath)


When Your Order Here Is Exactly What You Get:

Six easy paced natural guide to tap into the incredible power of the universe all rolled up into an easy to follow manual.
An easy way that you can measure every step that you take towards transformation by using our online quiz
30 days skype access makes it simple as one click and you have got me,it is like someone being in the same room

Access to a private email that comes directly to my inbox within at least 4 hours I promise to answer every email

Plus as one of the next 24 to order you also get

LIFETIME premium access to the Zero Effort Membership site!

Every new product I release in 2010! and I plan to release atleast three more lifechanging programs during this year..

Extended e-mail access "emergency e-tickets" - three of them!

The entire 6-volume set of Zero Effort training videos, free to download



“Like I said to you before I am here to help you to guide you into a more natural, gentler and softer guaranteed transformation . If you feel I don’t help you do that in the next 30 days it is as simple as this. Just ask for a refund. U have absolutely no risk in this investment.


P..S I have a confession to make .I do not care what is going on in your life , but I do care for your growth, your biggest breakthrough and I want you to win this game of life as much as I have won a few of them .Change will happen very fast as you go through this course… not in weeks in days… take action right now if that is what you need in your life. Order now!


P..P.S Nobody ever looks back on an offer they DIDN'T take and remembers that as the turning point in their lives Truthfully, you'll probably forget all about this iinvitation in a few days and move onto to something else but it'll be only the few select individuals who get this material who will know the other side of the story and become our next successful case studies. Why can't it be you? Click here to grab everything here before the price increases


It's All One Needs

"No matter what any one has read, studied, or listened to, yours is not an ‘additional source’ – it is truly all one needs.”


Margaret Ferguson UK

This Offer Must End 15th January 2014

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Immediate Results From First Tactic Tried.




"Hi My name is Andy Shaw. I am from England, live in a little village called Ashington, which is just off the south coast. I first met Vish at a seminar where I was one of the speakers and his passion for thanking somebody for all their help made me notice him. I made my wealth using the Law of Attraction and I am a life long study of this sort of material.

When I looked at the material Vish was doing. This guy has a easy way of making some of these difficult concepts actually very easy for people to understand and much easier for them to actually apply them to their life.

I think the message he is trying to give across of how easy this is to do is very important and I feel it can help a lot of people. It is my pleasure to recommend his service.."


- Andy Shaw- Real Estate Mogul From UK


Finally Able To put 'The Secret' Into Action. .




"I have listened to 'The Secret'. I have read books about the Law of Attraction. I simply could not make it work though. Your teaching ties it all together and opens possibility up wide. The way you spell it all out, step by step, is helping me to finally do the things I want to do. You are showing us how to put 'The Secret' into action - something the DVD didn't do. Thank you, Vish!"


- Heather Rhodes,Brisbane Australia


Discovers The Secret Process Of Converting Beliefs Into True Reality.




"We all have heard that whatever our mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. We have heard that from Napoleon Hill and countless others. But a lot of people struggle to realize their dreams and desires mainly because they do not understand the secret process of converting those beliefs into a true reality. And that is where the Zero Effort program can really help.

It can be so important for you because it reveals the secrets in a very simple and effective manner. I have worked with Vish and they both really know this process and I think you'll enjoy hearing it from them in this special site.""


- Yanik Silver- Internet Entreprenuer and Director of the World Famous Underground Online Seminar




"I thought it was brilliant ,very easy to follow and with outstanding results. There is no person who has revealed these amazing tips before. This is information that should be taken in and put to good use. People who flaw this information do not know what they are missing. I thank you so much Vish.

I hope you can keep your knowledge flowing to the world because if you do you will be helping many people around the world. God bless you."

- Stephen Hempkin,New Zealand




Discovers The Real Power In 'Zero Effort'

"I have spent over 25 years studying, learning, and practicing everything that crossed my path regarding spirituality, law of attraction, etc. and had some good results. But it never seemed to be that one thing I really desired. I always missed that feeling of deepest fulfillment.

“Zero Effort brings it down to basic points – and the greatest Truths are always simple, are they not? There lies the real power in your program. Thank you, Vish – you’ve put a smiling relief in my heart!”

- With love,
- Sabine Nebel, Germany





Gets Music Career On Track, Thanks To 'Zero Effort'

"It's true like you have pointed out, their are many teachers ‘out there’ but not only are their teachings limited in scope, they also limit our ideas and vision about life.books.   Since starting with Zero Effort, I have stopped smoking AND… “My first cd is finished and on sale, and I have started working on the second one.”

- Enejoh Obaje,LA,US




Spiritual Coach Resonates with Zero Effort

"Thank you so much, Vish, for the simple way you describe what happens in our minds. I used some of your ideas with my clients yesterday and they really resonated with them. Of course I’m resonating with it as well! (I am a spiritual coach and am searching and experiencing as much as I can in order to be as effective with my clients as I can be.)

I hope it is alright that I "pay it forward" into the work that I do, acknowledging you as the source.

“Also, thank you for making yourself and these ideas so accessible and available.  It truly is about connection and you are a model of love and wisdom for the rest of us. It is a true joy to be one of your students and part of the group!”

Blessings and joy to you,
- Candace Smolowe, PA, USA



It's All One Needs

"No Matter what any one has read, studied, or listened to, yours is not an ‘additional source’ – it is truly all one needs.”

- Margaret Ferguson,UK



Finally. Manifested Her Goal Of Co-hosting A TV show...

"I am feeling better now actually  and I have been steady with my morning P spot  visits…I do it before  anything else… I do have good news that I have been offered to co- host a new TV show called “Beyond Belief”  that will explore past life regressions to heal issues in this lifetime  as well as other alternative healing modalities…

I will be with Dr. Ed Klein  whose book “Soul Search” is now in it’s 3rd printing… This  is one of my goals I have been focusing on for prosperity….so we are seeing progress…..!

- Lark Williams, USA




Best Mood Since Ages…

"I followed your advice, it took me a little longer, but now I can say it is simply astounding. I am walking much better and practically painfree and I am in the best mood since ages.

The other problems have not yet resolved, but I am going after them now. Thank you for everything indeed.

- Richard Schneider, Switzerland



Helps Where No Other Teacher Could

"I've read books from Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale, Neale Donald Walsh, Paul Wilson, Eckhart Tolle and other great teachers and authors. Ever since I was about 14 years old I read everything I could get my hands on.

“Sometimes I’d think I had it figured out, but would soon bounced back to where I was before. Nothing seemed to be enough to hold my attention for long. Finally I wasn't doing anything with any program any more. And the same goes for other things in my life. So now I am almost 38 years old, and never achieved much, in spite of my far-more-than-average knowledge of self-help, positive thinking, the ways of the mind, etc. Then I read this.

“And now, for once, I feel a silence in my mind, body, and spirit like I never experienced. I am grateful to you in a way I cannot express. And I know this is only the beginning.

“Thank you Vish, for helping me achieve what no other teacher ever could.”

-Greetings and affection,
Carlos. V., Switzerland




Discovers Her Biggest Mistake…

"Dear Vish, I just wanted to thank you for your program that has helped me in many ways. I must say that I am quite amazed of the results that I have experienced within and around me. What I am more thankful is the inner peace and how I have stopped worrying about so many events and situations that I had no control over.

I once more want to thank you for this wonderful book which has brought me enlightenment and inspiration . I now know what you mean by finding the answers within, and believe me it wasn’t hard for me to re-train my brain and my heart to find my answers from the heart.

Your teachings are extraordinary and most rewarding. You have a new way of thought mentality that I did not know existed or had considered until I started reading your book and every chapter just kept me more and more intrigued because I was realizing of how wrong I had been trained by many other teachers or books. I once more want to thank you for my life changing experience..”

- Narsedalia Lopez, CO, USA



Puts Her Life Back On track…

"You have such beautiful insight and I feel very fortunate to have crossed path with you. I have tears of joy as I’m writing this. You’re so right. At times when I do get the doubts about relationships and money, I think to myself, hey I’m feeling good as is like never before and that is priceless. My feeling good is coming from within me. That’s the only thing we really need.

Thanks for your great support and putting me back on track. I’m going to continue with my practices. I would really like to stay in touch with you if that’s ok.”

- Joan Lawrence, Australia



Thank you so much for sharing your valuable ideas about our mind and thought. I read it yesterday and it was really really incredible to know what our mind is all about. . That gives me a clear idea about what my mind is doing and I can separate myself from its whole process. It's like I can watch what my mind is doing.

I still cannot believe all this could be so easy. I am grateful that I can have a positive and optimistic mind about my future with your thoughtful and spiritual leadership Vish. I am expecting what's coming and trying to follow your guidance heartedly. Thanks for everything

- Sophie Lee, Japan




61 yr old Achieves results within 13 days

"I am a participant in your current program ( 30 day challenge) and I want to let you know that I have applied the "left hand" program earnestly and have been rewarded beyond measure. I want to thank both you for providing such uplifting, positive and spiritual insights at a time when the world is in such darkness.

I look forward to all your new programs in the future.”

Many Thanks
- Vincent Tim Canale, GA, USA



Feeling Low... Made A Dramatic Comeback In Her Life

"When I started the program I was feeling very low  having lost my younger sister but within three weeks I was able to bring about a major turnaround in my life. I am really impressed with this program and I really really enjoyed all the information you sent me and am eagerly waiting for more follow up information I am trusting the process and your guidance. Thanks for all your information. It has made a huge difference to my thought process already.

Peace Be With You ,
- Margie Anton, CA, USA





































































































Simple Teaching, Profound Results..

"Today I followed the first few steps you suggested. Your way of teaching is very simple and  the results I have managed to get within the first two weeks have been huge.

I am impressed that I am  starting on  an incredible journey in my life. This is a ground-breaking turnaround  in  my life!!.  I will be really looking forward  for  more such inspiration and guidance from you !”
- Praksash Waghulde, Mumbai, India



"Hi Vish

Firstly may I thank you for your program, your wisdom and the beauty in your teaching, it is already sparkling a miracle within me.

You mentioned in your book you read numerous books that inspire and that you could email me your list. Can you do this as it is greatly appreciated.

I will keep in touch with my discoveries and once again thank you.


- Graeme Teague, New Zealand





"Dear Vish, I have totally immersed myself in the ocean of knowledge " Chapters 1-3 of Zero Effort and the Exercises".It is a profound knowledge put in a simple but unforgettable way.Thank you very much for this valuable gift.I have started practising 5 moniutes surrender and am waiting for the Response from my Higher Self.

I shall remain in touch with you to reach my goals of actualising my manifestations. Am deeply grateful to you -. Thank you very much. ”

- Brig Sewak S Sidhu, USA



The whole day was one big win after another for her…

"Dear Vish,

Thanks to you for the encouragement & wisdom you continually impart through your works, not to mention the thoughtful notes sent in response to my messages. I really appreciate everything you do !!

Please take your time to reply ~ I realize that each day must be filled to the brim with people vying for your attention, each one needing this & that to be done, etc., etc., etc. I had planned to refrain from adding yet another communique to the stack in your Inbox, but yesterday (Day 33 of the Zero Effort program) -- the WOW moment hit home in a big way! Not only did the Tampa Bay Rays come back from a 9-1 deficit against the Toronto Blue Jays to win in the 12th(!) but my husband and I experienced a Major breakthrough in our relationship with finances!! The whole day was one big win after another!!

Just had to let you know and express the ever-expanding heartfelt gratitude I'm feeling for your assistance in raising our awareness levels to ever-increasing heights. Enjoy the weekend, Amigos,

- Penne Davidson Ard , NY, USA



Zero Effort Helps Save Her Dog…

"Dear Vish,

It has been a while since i have sent you any mail...but now i have a reason to urgently mail and share with you…,Tuesday the 02September around 10AM my dog a very beautiful poodle was hid by a car and the neighbour saw it and called and told my sister who was not even aware that the dog was outside.

My sister called me at work and i rushed home with tears running down my face.
I found my poor dog in a bad shape bleeding from her mouth leaping and hiding away from people because she was dramatized....I just closed my eyes and practiced the 7 simple practical steps you teach in Zero Effort and i went back to work...We live in a small remote town with no animal doctors so there was no way i could take her to some one.

Needless to say my dog is healthy, running around after just three days after the accident.. Vish what a powerful tool you have given me thank you very much

Blessings and joy to you,
- Pamela , USA



"I bought the ZeroEffort program, and I’ve read all 6 chapters several times, and I’ve been going to my P-Spot everyday for 20 days now. It’s been hugely beneficial and enlightening. This morning I sat down and immediately experienced a quiet joy the like of which I have never experienced before

So, the first objective of my writing is to thank you very, very much for sharing your wisdom and your practices with me.”

- Miles Keirson, USA




"First of all, the most important attributes that you have is that you care and love what you do. Second, that the program is based on the concept of 1 to 1 Marketing and Mass Customization. A book alone is stand alone, with no interaction. Most people learn from doing and need interaction. For the most part we need & want to be loved & nurtured. Vish, I could feel that in our conversation.

As I listened intently absorbing all I could, it was like you were reading my mind, even though I wasn't doing the talking about what conflicts I was having daily….

The best feeling in the world is to be loved. I felt that over the phone, thank you. You are an amazingly blessed man and you truly bless everyone you come in contact with. I believe that. I'm looking forward to putting what I have learned today, to work in my life.

I will keep you posted. If I can be of service to you at any time please let me know. I would love to help anyway I can. This is really amazing…”

Blessings and joy to you,
- Kim Pauline Ace Coach, NJ USA